Welcome to The Monkeys Paw Cels, my humble cel space. I'm mostly interested in Akira,the various Burn Up Series and Ninja Scroll (or anything Yoshiaki Kawajiri), though my passions are actually fairly omnivorous.

Anime has been a fascination for me for along time now since about 1990-1991 (things get hazy that far back), and when I discovered cel collecting around the end of 2003... well lets just say I may retire a poor man!

Anime it has to be said rarely interests me in terms of plot, but the one's that do interest me in this way I tend to consider alongside films in many respects. It is perhaps fair to say then that I watch alot of anime for the spectacle, (the foundation of modern consumerism) the beauty, the colour and in some instances like Burn Up the deranged absurdity. These sentiments I hope come through in my collection... Anyway enough of me trying to be a ponce:)

Please feel free to amble around, and view what I have. Don't be afraid to message me about my collection, I don't mind chatting. As Rubberslug email is currently non functional you can email me on tomcamps666@hotma*l.com (the star is an attempt to stop spammers).

You can now also find me lurking on Beta under the name Captain Haddock.

Thanks and enjoy your stay!

News & Updates

9/20/2017Couple of cels added from recent purchases check out NS and Burn Up.
3/16/2017Lots of good NS cels have been showing up recently and I picked up another Demon of Kimon, so happy days.
9/13/2016New NS cel added of Zakuro, another Demon of Kimon now officially crossed off!
5/30/2013Small but good Akira update today!

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Akira (11) 11/9/2017
Bakshi (1) 10/23/2012
Bleach (2) 9/11/2010
Bubblegum Crisis (2) 10/17/2017
Burn Up Warrior/Excess (11) 10/20/2018
Cyber City 808 (1) 12/1/2018
Demon City Shinjuku (1) 6/10/2019
DNA2 (3) 10/20/2018
Iria (1) 11/13/2007
Laputa (1) 8/17/2011
Miyuki Chan in Wonderland (4) 12/1/2018
Ninja Scroll (16) 5/24/2019
Vampire Humter D Bloodlust (6) 5/26/2017
VGAI (2) 2/23/2018
Wicked City (2) 2/9/2019
Your Under Arrest (1) 3/27/2008

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